Purdue Army ROTC Norwegian Foot March

Lafayette, IN

RUCK or RUN a 30K road and trail course as either a civilian or military athlete. Military category competes for the Norwegian Foot March skill badge (foreign award). Compete as a team (ruck or run) or an individual (run/ruck).

Start Date:
March 28, 2020

Registration Dates: TBD
Events: Ruck, Run, or Team Ruck/Team Ultra Run

Event Info:
Free Lodging and Pre-Race Packet Pickup Location:
Lafayette National Guard Armory
5218 Haggerty Lane
Lafayette, IN 47905  (765) 215-5291  
USE THIS: https://goo.gl/maps/UN3pK7rwzLL2

Start Point/Parking Location: TBD

Event Details:
18.6 Miles
25 lbs Rucksack
4.5 Hours to Finish
*All other info regarding weight, times, uniforms, etc are in the Rules and Regulations sidebar

NOTICEPer MILPER Message Number 16-303 the NFM Badge is once again authorized for wear.  As such we will provide a DA Form 4187 for all participants earning the badge, and the award pin.

For details see the complete list at https://polytechnic.purdue.edu/armyrotc/norwegian-ruck-march
For continuing updates check out Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/211246399637783/ 

Information page for general information at https://polytechnic.purdue.edu/armyrotc/norwegian-ruck-march.

Other questions can be addressed to norwegianfootmarch@purdue.edu.

Registration is at: https://norwegianfootmarch.itsyourrace.com/register/ as needed or to share with a friend.

Race Date: 28 MARCH 2020. Step-off at 0800hrs EST

Packet Pickup:

1800-2200hrs on 27 MAR 19 @ Lafayette NG Armory (Free Lodging Location) https://goo.gl/maps/gWms4Vs2bCv 

0530-0730 on 28 MAR 19 @ Lafeyette NG Armory (Start/End Point) 

Late Walk-On 0800-0850hrs on 28 MAR 20***


Lafayette National Guard Armory*
5218 Haggerty Lane
Lafayette, IN 47905  765-447-0759 


Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn, Hilton Garden, Purdue Memorial Union

 //////////DAY OF EVENT INFORMATION////////////


0530-0730 Check In and Registrations***

0730-0800 National Anthem/Liaison Greeting/Memorial/Benediction and Route Brief

0800 START

Heats (Order of March): For simplicity, we use a rolling heat system with 5-10 minute delays between launch times. Pay attention to the route brief at check in to find your heat. Put yourself where you belong and be courteous to others.

1) 30K Runners and Ultra Run Teams
2) TBD

READ THE RULES AND REGULATIONS - BE A PROFESSIONAL. Rucks are verified by dry weight - water is not race weight. A full uniform is required for military participants, with boots. Timing issues, missing items, admin errors, or other issues should be reported to the race official immediately at the race - please do not wait till days or weeks later. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Verify that your name, bib number, and results show up in the certified race results right after the event and are correct for records purposes. Verify your DA 4187, results, data, and POC info are correct BEFORE you leave the race. This saves admin time for everyone involved.

Photos: Event pictures, drone footage etc will be posted to the NFM albums on our Facebook page following the race. We encourage you to share your experience on social media with #boldwarriorbrigade, add to the Purdue Story in SnapChat, and tweet your event.

If you have further questions feel free to contact the admin team at norwegianfootmarch@purdue.edu

We value your feedback and an AAR callout will be sent following the event.



Purdue University ROTC
NFM Admin Team


Emergency Cell: TBD

Daily Business: 765-494-2101/2099

* Free lodging at the NG Armory is available to ROTC cadets and all-component servicemembers. Cots are available on a limited basis; provide your own sleep system etc. No shuttle service to the start point is available, participants must transport themselves to the race start point. Free lodging is available both 3/27 and 3/28 to allow for out-of-state folks to get adequate recovery before return travel. Early packet pickup is at the NG Armory on 3/27. All participants may utilize the NG Armory for hygiene after the race.

***Late Walk-Ons: Late walk-ons will be authorized on a case-by-case basis; YOU MUST step off by 0850hrs in order for us to clear the course in time based on our event permit with the county Sheriff.

If your transport is delayed due to flights/weather/car issue/whatever I strongly suggest you call the admin team on the emergency cell phone as soon as you know there is an issue. Give the race official your full name and any teammates or co-travelers names so we can verify your bib and registration. We stand by our guarantee to allow you to step off as long as you are registered/weighed and bibbed by 0840 and waiting at the mat for a race official to launch you. This policy exists for our active duty servicemembers and out-of-state cadets in consideration of their travel needs, its not a free pass for poor planning. A race official may deny your walk-on if you are too late, fail to call ahead, or weather conditions on the course would delay race finish past our permitted event window.


When & Where

Mar 28, 2020


5:00 AM

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Event Schedule

Lafayette, IN

Indiana OMS National Guard Armory

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For rules, route, food bank info, and other supplemental information please click:
Norwegian Foot March Rules